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ContemporaryArt! Faintest Idea Live Drawing — Pencil, Crayons, Red Wine and Sweat on Cardboard, Concert @ The Loft, Vienna 2024 My skin became a salty cloud. Drip drip splash. Holding the pencil like your life depends on it. I didn’t know sweat can be such a slippery affair. by Ka vonSeiten on 28.05.2024 | #art #kunst #artspots

ASP 02 S9 TransArtSpots is a non-profit and 100% community-driven project. We run it because we love to discover art and share it with others. The app does not contain any ads and we do not get money from this project at all. That's why we ask for your help! 

Wanna help spread the word about the App?

It would be great if you can tell your friends about ArtSpots, or if you run a website or blog, share the news and post a page. If you are active on social media, please also spread the word among your friends - art needs a space without commerce and it should be us, who count, not money and some shareholders. Thank you!

If you need pictures and stuff, here is the download to a media package, containing screens of the app, the image teaser and a short description you can freely use.

See you in ArtSpots.