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A new app about art needs a cool video! Check it out here, and if you like it please share it with your friends to help spread the word about the new ArtSptos App - thanks a lot!


Dear community, since 2016, we have been running the StreetArt | SPOTTERON App as an independent project. The StreetArt App has grown steadily with a small but dedicated community, and until now over 10.000 artworks have been submitted by art lovers like you. What we have also encountered that, without any advertising budgets, it is hard to spark what we envisioned for StreetArt and arts in general: a buzzing and active community with enough people involved to have a dynamic exchange going on. In the last month, we have analyzed the situation and have seen that on the one hand, the name of the app makes it very difficult to find. We even had a small media campaign on the info screen displays of our hometown Vienna, resulting in almost zero new users since the partner just communicated "Hey, download the Streetart app". You can imagine how successful such a call to action is - a vague name doesn't help much here. When running your own independent project it's much about learning as you go forward. Also we have seen in our peer groups, that people love art in general but focussing to strong on one particular art form can create entry barriers for new users. We at SPOTTERON always try to approach things in an open and diverse matter - which lead to the thought that we could integrate other art forms in the successor project of StreetArt. 

ArtSpots App phone previews with art markers and dialog to add art


An open art app

By including other art forms, we hope to reach out to new people. As a contemporary artist on myself, I always wanted to post my own art in the app - but it is not StreetArt per se, so I was not able to. And while walking the streets, while in a museum, while on a gallery exhibition with friends, I often would love to be able to share that with you in the StreetArt app. With the new ArtSpots project, now everyone can. It opens up and let artist, museum fans, photographers, architecture admirers and others to share their sightings. StreetArt, Graffiti and tag culture still play a major role in the upcoming app - in fact, it has still it's own category buttons and is prominently visible. We have combined Graffiti and Tags since the separation is often blurry anyhow. All your current spots will be still in the app for sure; nothing is lost. The only thing necessary after the relaunch is to download and install the new ArtSpot App on your phone, in which you can log in with your existing user account.

 ArtSpots AddSpot Preview02 450px

New art options in the new ArtSpot app

On the other hand, we have extended the app dramatically. The full list of new categories is:

  • Historic art
  • Contemporary art
  • StreetArt
  • Graffiti & Tag culture
  • Photography
  • Architecture
  • Design & Crafts
  • Performing arts

For every one of the categories, we have created a sub-genre list, ranging from essential art periods in "Historic arts" to the StreetArt genres you already know from the current app. These sub-genres all have now a glossary built into the list, and for every selection option, there is now easy-to-access background information present. Furthermore, you can now check "I am the creator!" for your own artworks if you like.

Art places

Beside artworks and sightings, we have integrated "Art places" as a new feature. You can now share not only art itself but also a place dedicated to art, from a museum or gallery to a public space which is a street art hotspot. These art locations will have their own marker on the map, and they can be updated with the (+) button. By that option, you can create "inventories" of a location, which is a neat new feature for changing art presentations as in graffiti walls or art galleries.

3-2-1 Lift off for ArtSpots!

We are currently are in the final steps of the relaunch of the StreetArt app, and the new "ArtSpots" app will be ready soon. We will announce it via a push message in the old app when the download is ready on Android & IOS, or you can check back here on We also have registered a Facebook Page and an Instagram account, which you can follow to stay in the loop.

We hope you like the new concept and we are looking forward to your contributions to the new app!

Thank you very much and as always - happy spotting!

Jonathan | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ASP 02 S9 TransArtSpots is a non-profit and 100% community-driven project. We run it because we love to discover art and share it with others. The app does not contain any ads and we do not get money from this project at all. That's why we ask for your help! 

Wanna help spread the word about the App?

It would be great if you can tell your friends about ArtSpots, or if you run a website or blog, share the news and post a page. If you are active on social media, please also spread the word among your friends - art needs a space without commerce and it should be us, who count, not money and some shareholders. Thank you!

If you need pictures and stuff, here is the download to a media package, containing screens of the app, the image teaser and a short description you can freely use.

See you in ArtSpots.